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150017 ~ GAMO HV STORM .177

150071 ~ GAMO HV STORM .22

The Storm is coming

Gamo’s new HV Storm gets into high visibility trend, offering an attractive forest camo appearance which has been developed together with the most recognised coating patterns designer: Lost Camo

About the airgun

Gamo’s new HV Storm is a lightweight, precise and modern-looking airgun. This 24 Joules carbine will attract your attention due to its captivating design pattern, inspired by wooded landscapes and developed in collaboration with Lost Camo over an attractive orange polymer structure, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety and visibility of its users. Gamo’s HV Storm includes a micrometric optical fiber open sight that provides high precision aiming over short distances, a smooth SAT™ trigger and a tactic-looking Storm barrel.


The tech behind the beast

Sat™: Gamo’s SAT™ is a new patented trigger which has already been incorporated in many models of the brand. The SAT™ has been designed for all shooting disciplines, so it features a smooth trigger pull that increases the shooter’s rate of accuracy under any circumstance, providing a responsive and clean break when you need it most. The SAT letters are engraved on both sides of the trigger, which has been built in a stylish dark grey color ensuring a state of the art appearance to your new Gamo air gun.

Tactic Muzzle Brake: The HV (High Visibility) Storm includes a striking muzzle brake, which directs muzzle blast up and back through various ports. It has been designed to cancel rearward and upward movement due to recoil, providing a more comfortable and precise shooting experience.