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Land & sea

Web-Sku 42074
Rough price guide $36.60
Clearwater is another innovative diving mask brought to you by the water sports experts of Land and Sea. This Australia-based importer is flying the flag for quality diving equipment available at affordable prices.
As you will be able to see, the Clearwater mask features a twin-lens design. The advantage of this design is that you feel much less pressure during transitions between deep and shallow water.
Like with all great Land and Sea diving masks, Clearwater also features a silicone skirt. This feature has been included to ensure that your mask creates a tight yet comfortable seal against your face. The fit and seal present in the Clearwater mask offers tremendous value for money.
Silicone Skirt
Contemporary Twin-lens design Mask
Adult fit
Water is prevented from entering the mask by a tight seal created by the high-quality silicone skirt.
The silicone skirt is very comfortable against your skin and can be worn for hours.
A twin-lens design ensures that you feel minimal pressure during major changes in depth.

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