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The CrossRiver fixed blade is easy to stow on belt or PFD and a quick-release trigger lock deploys with control. This utilitarian knife handles varied materials efficiently and is an ideal pick for any adventure, doubling as a rescue knife if things go awry.


    • Blade Length: 3.0 in. [10.4 cm]
    • Overall Length: 7.5 in. [23.1 cm]
    • Weight: 3.7 oz [131 g]
    • Sheath Weight: 0.8 oz [29 g]
    • Hydrotread Grip™: Engineered for traction, it has raised sections that channel moisture away for unsurpassed grip that's easy to clean
    • Blade Material: 9Cr18MoV stainless steel w/ mirror polish for corrosion resistance
    • Handle Material: Glass-reinforced polypropylene
    • Multi-mount sheath w/ ambidextrous trigger lock for quick deployment
    • PFD and belt carry options
    • Full tang blade offers superior control
    • Blunt safety tip ensures safety for water excursions
  • Warranty

Whether in an opportunistic battle with a fish or a sudden rescue situation, those seconds matter: be ready with the CrossRiver Fixed Blade. It’s a compact, ambidextrous utility knife that is designed for quick access in both deployment and re-sheathing. You’ll carry it for the obvious tasks, and be happy you did for the unexpected ones.

  • The prominent trigger lock was inspired by the need to release the knife quickly yet securely, the CrossRiver’s design allows for deployment from either hand
  • HydroTread Grip™ is engineered for traction, with raised sections that channel moisture away for unsurpassed grip that is also easy to clean
  • The multi-mount sheath can be worn on belt or on PFD, and an additional lanyard hole is available for secure storage
  • The blunt tip blade is safe to use around inflatables and offers both a fine edge and flat top serrations
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Designed to offer access and stability, the ambidextrous trigger lock is intuitive to grip and quick to release. Even in the most punishing waters, the grip offers secure purchase from either hand and safe storage is guaranteed with a locking detent that works no matter how the blade is re-sheathed.

  1. Blunt tip
  2. Fine edge
  3. Flat top serration
  4. 9CR stainless
  5.  Hydrotread Grip™
  6. Quick release trigger lock
  7. Full-tang
  8. Lanyard hole
  9. Lanyard hole
  10. Belt clip
  11. PFD clip
  12. Vent
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