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Land And Sea Adrenalin YACHT Shoe – Makes Great Pool Shoes And Also Suitable For Any Other Form Of Water Sport.

Here are three very good reasons to ensure you are decked out in Land and Sea Adrenalin YACHT Shoes.

Often, a family walk out on the ocean rocks is cut short, as one member, in their enthusiasm, has managed to cut his feet open on some barnacles. The disappointed tribe return to base camp to apply first aid. If he had have been wearing the Land and Sea Adrenalin YACHT Shoe, this all too common scenario would never have happened.

Dad is launching the boat. Taking the weight, as he manoeuvres the boat of the trailer, he slips and cuts his toe on an old fishing hook. The rest of the fishing trip is spend enduring a high level of avoidable pain. He should have been wearing Land and Sea Adrenalin YACHT Aqua Shoe.

Next is the surf side endurance runner. She loves running hard close to the water’s edge and the feel of a surging wave as it envelopes her legs as she jogs along. Her feet are now wet and her skin is very soft. She treads hard on an open pipi and her wet skin is no match for the sharp edge. A care free run along the beach is sadly cut short. She should have been wearing Land and Sea YACHT Shoe.

With the Land and Sea Adrenalin YACHT Shoe, Ventilated slots force air into the shoe, as you put down your foot. Water is forced out of the slots in the side of the shoes. Cool air is drawn in through the open mesh weave on the sides. Warm air escapes through the open weave mesh at the top, leaving your feet cooler and drier.

The Land and Sea Adrenalin YACHT Shoe pumps air in and pumps water out. They are the perfect high activity, land and sea shoe. Your feet dry quicker and are always protected.

Features And Specifications
Colour: Blue
Unisex styling, suitable for both male and female
Constructed from super hard wearing materials
Design allows for air to be pumped in while water is pumped out
Works to keep your feet dryer during activity around wet areas

3XS / 4
2SX / 5
XS / 6
MED / 8
LARGE / 10
XL / 11
XXL / 12