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Land And Sea Fancy D Red-Handle Dive Knife

Land and Sea sports have crafted the Fancy knife to be suitable as either a diving or field knife. The key to high quality properties of the knife is achieved by the use of stainless steel providing maximum protection against hash saltwater elements.

The knife is incredibly strong and sharp for a modest price tag. A multi-edged blade will give you two standard cutting edges plus a saw-cut edge and knifepoint to work with. These varied edges will give you plenty of options in a wide range of situations.

To protect your hand from clumsy mistakes, the knife features a hand-guard for superior grip protection. Plastic covers the handle to further enhance the grip. Additionally, holes have been formed in the handle to make the knife extremely lightweight and simple to use.

Land and Sea supplies the Fancy dive knife with a sheath and leg strap for safe storage. The sheath features a robust plastic snap-lock to keep the knife securely in position. In addition, there is a leg strap to let you have the diving knife close to hand.

Features And Specifications

  • Hand-guard
  • Holes in handle minimize weight
  • Multi-edged blade
  • Stainless steel
  • Sheath with leg-strap


  • A versatile product suitable for use as either a diving knife or field knife.
  • The multi-edged blade gives you four cutting surfaces, including two regular cutting edges, saw-cut edge, and knifepoint.
  • Your hand will be protected from nasty mistakes by the presence of a highly effective hand-guard.
  • Holes have been made in the handle to make it remarkably lightweight and easier to use due to its superior grip.
  • The sheath offers a plastic snap-lock to secure the knife, while the leg strap will let you keep the dive knife close at hand on your body.
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